Whiskey Bourbon vs. Straight Bourbon

The time has almost come for us to pop open our first barrel of Bad Dog Straight Bourbon. We already have our Whiskey Bourbon, but there is definitely some differences between the two!

Now some people wonder what makes bourbon a bourbon. Well, let me tell you! For bourbon to be considered bourbon it has to be produced in the US. It can not exceed 160 proof from fermented mash, it has to be at least 51% corn, and must be aged in new charred barrels.

Both our Bourbons are made from the same corn mash, aged in the same new white American oak barrels from the Barrel Mill, and stored right up on the same shelf! BUT, our Straight Bourbon is aged for at least 2 years to be called straight bourbon, where as our Whiskey Bourbon can be aged for as short as 1 year.

While both of these Bourbons have some great flavor, we can definitely say the longer aging process has pulled some sweeter, more pronounced oak notes. The Straight Bourbon has a heavier amber color as well.

We love both of these bourbons and we can't wait for you all to take a taste as well!

Straight Bourbon will be coming soon, hopefully early Fall! Our label just got approved, so exciting stuff is happening!