Keeping It Local

We take pride in staying local to Washington State when choosing our grains. Without good quality grain, we wouldn’t have our good quality spirits.

Not only do we purchase locally, but we give our spent grain to local farmers as a high protein feed for their livestock. Starting and ending with local supports the farms’ business and the land.  It is a win-win!  The more they thrive and till the soil, the more the soil thrives and keeps the land healthy.

We use many different grains when producing our spirits which includes corn, wheat, rye, and malt.

Spent Grain used by local farmers as feed for livestock.

Spent Grain used by local farmers as feed for livestock.

Eleven of our thirteen spirits contain corn, so it’s important to always have a large supply at hand. One of our first spirits available in our tasting room was our “Grandpa’s Likker”, an unaged corn whiskey. The Mash bill for this whiskey is 83% corn and 17% barely malt.  This is the base to all our flavored whiskeys, which includes Moonshine Apple Pie, Hot Shot Cinnamon Whiskey, and Grandpa’s Likkerish. It is also the base to our Bourbons and Corn Whiskeys. We get our corn from Quincy, WA.

The only two spirits that do not contain corn is our 100% Wheat Whiskey and our Wheat Vodka. We get our Wheat from LaConner, WA.

We get the Rye for our Grandpa’s Rye Whiskey from LaConner or Granite Falls. This whiskey is running about 70% rye and 30% corn. The corn balances the sharpness of the rye with a slight touch of sweetness.

With each different grain and variation of malt, we are able to create unique individual products. It’s just one of the fascinating things about the distilling industry. There are almost unlimited ways to keep our spirits unique to us. We are always growing, learning, and expanding our knowledge when it comes to not only the differences between grains, but in all other aspects of this industry as well.