I'm not a blogger

 Ask me two years ago, or even just 1 month ago if I would be a blogger and I would say, "no".  I'm not a writer, I'm a numbers person.  I never fully understood the proper use of grammar past the basics of nouns and verbs.  My spelling is so bad even spell check doesn't know some of the words that I'm attempting.  But here I am...blogging. This craziness started about a week ago when I read an article about social media.  It stated that Facebook was already showing signs of fizzling out.  The article talked about how most social media groups are only hot for about 10 years.  The only one that has consistently stayed strong is blogging.

You know how some things stick with you?  Well this article did.  I was initially interested in the article because of advertising and marketing Bad Dog Distillery.  Then I really started thinking that blogging was the best place to share the experience of starting this business.  So many people ask us how we are progressing.  This is the place where you can get that answer and more.

I intend to keep my blogs short. This will probably be my longest. They won't be poetic or creative. They will be just me, Shelly.  Say it like it is.  My hope is that you will be able to join us on the great and blessed journey we are on.  Maybe it will give you the inspiration to dare to dream like Dave and I.  Or maybe it will confirm that we are just crazy. 

See you soon....cheers and blessing....Shelly