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Bourbon Whiskey

Bad Dog Distillery's Bourbon is a heavily corned traditional Bourbon Whiskey. This Bourbon has smooth vanilla and caramel notes with a slight woody char. This product is best enjoyed over ice. Take a break, sit, relax, sip and savor. Simply Done.

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Bad Dog Distillery's Whiskey is a heavily corned traditional American Whiskey. Simply Done... The aromatic sweetness of the corn mash is at the beginning complimented with a touch of caramel from the medium roasted American oak. Bad Dog Whiskey is best enjoyed simply over ice. Take a break, sit, relax, sip and savor. 

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Rye Whiskey

Grandpa's Rye Whiskey is made with rye and corn. The corn mellows and sweetens the tendency of a harsh rye. This aged Rye Whiskey is both sweet and spicy and with a bit of a fruity note. Grandpa's Rye is best enjoyed simply over ice or in a Manhattan. 

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Wheat Whiskey

Grandpa's Wheat Whiskey is made with wheat sourced locally in the Western Washington. The wheat lends to a very soft and smooth Whiskey. This Wheat Whiskey is bold with flavor, yet soft, with hints of buttery caramel. It finishes with a nice surprise of slight cherry notes. Grandpa's Wheat is best enjoyed simply over ice or in a Bad Dog Manhattan.

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Honey Shine

Honey Shine is pure and simple, moonshine and honey. We blend our unaged whiskey with local honey and let it take a short rest in a barrel. Simply done.... This spirit is distilled from grain and natural flavor added. Honey Shine is best mixed with a quality ginger beer. 

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Moonshine Apple Pie

Bad Dog Distillery's award winning unaged-whiskey blended with unfiltered apple cider and a cinnamon stick. Simply Done... Distilled Spirits Specialty. Spirits distilled from corn with apple and spice. Taste the simple goodness of apples and cinnamon, with a little kick of moonshine. The most favorite way of enjoying Moonshine Apple is simply passing it around the campfire. It is also delicious over the rocks, or mix with a good ole' fashion lemonade.