Bad Dog Distillery

Simply Done...

Bad Dog Distillery is a small batch craft distillery located in the community of Arlington, WA.  We use traditional methods in crafting our distilled spirits such as whiskey, and vodka.  We also offer a variety of funlike old fashion apple pie, cinnamon whiskey that's not too sweet, chipotle vodka and a black licorice flavor white whiskey.  

Bad Dog Whiskey - The aromatic sweetness of the corn mash is at the beginning complimented with a touch of caramel from the medium roasted American oak. It's a perfect blend of toasted oak with a sweet finish.

Bad Dog Wheat Whiskey -

Bad Dog Vodka - This is not your tasteless vodka. It's clean with a touch of sweet Washington organic wheat. Finishes smooth, with a delightful lingering flavor.

Bad Dog Grandpa's Likker -  This Likker starts with a balanced sweetness and ends with a clean burn, just like Grandpa would like it. Made with sweet corn and finished in the traditional manner.

Bad Dog Apple Pie Moonshine - Taste the simple goodness of apples and cinnamon, with a little kick of moonshine.

Bad Dog Cinnamon Whiskey - This not too sweet cinnamon whiskey is made with all natural ingredients. Just cinnamon and pure cane sugar.

Bad Dog Grandpa's Likkerish - True to our ways, this Likker has been simply created using Grandpa's Likker and star anise for a sweet licoricey flavor.

Bad Dog Chipotle Vodka - At first sip, you will feel the heat from the alcohol and the spicy chili as it warms your throat. Within seconds, the heat will dissipate, leaving you with the smokiness of chipotle on your pallet.