The People Behind Bad Dog Distillery

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One would think that Dave and I are the people behind Bad Dog Distillery. That is far from the truth. There are many people behind Bad Dog Distillery. Without our friends' and family’s help we would not be able to do it. Dave’s good friend Mark Y. spent at least 2 solid weeks helping Dave build the tasting room. They even did the majority of the tasting room design. I think one of the conversations went, “the bigger the log beams the better”. And they are big for sure. Dave’s other good friend Marc T. has spent quite a few of his Friday and Saturday days off helping. Allan has been the “offsite-gathering-equipment” guy. He found Dave the boiler and coordinated the pickup. I think he also played part in finding us some doors. Son-in-law, Daniel, and his buddy Dave are helping with figure out how to get the boiler hooked up. My daughter’s best friend’s husband and brother-in-law helped with our sprinkler system. Dave even had a client come in and help with some architectural design ideas.

I’ve had help too. My daughters, Taylor and cousin Jesi help find our brand essence’s three words, which are Simple, Neighborly, Tradition. Cousin Holly and I tackled the job of cleaning the disgusting bathrooms. Alyssa has been stopping by the distillery almost every night after work. She’s done be data input for me. So you can see the people behind Bad Dog Distillery are all you. Without your help Bad Dog Distillery would be just a dream. Thank you every one!! Oh….. stay tune….. work party for paint will be planned soon. 

Thank you for all of your support, Shelly & Dave