Financing, Lease & Bond

Wow! What a crazy week it was last week. I vaguely remember starting a blog sometime last week. I thought I saved it, but now I can’t find it. And that’s just how last week was, a bit of a blur. Instead of writing paragraphs of all the happenings, I’m just going to list them--short, sweet bullet points.

• Met with landlord to finalize the lease. As of today this is about 90% complete. We have a hand written copy to submit to the bank, but it’s not the legal copy.

• Met with the bank. He seemed to be impressed with the business plan but wasn’t sure what a distillery was. We gave him more info today. Now it’s pray and wait-n-see.

• Had to find a new surety company for the bond. We got a new response but then had the question on who is the Obligee. I ended up having to ask the WA Guild forum. I couldn’t find the answer anywhere. It was very frustrating. It’s the TTB.

• Dave found a grain silo for outside aesthetics. It’s in Sumas. He has to work out the logistics on how to get it on the trailer and to the distillery site.

Our biggest focus right now is to get our financing, the lease and the bond. Without those we can’t submit for our Distilled Spirit Plant (DSP) permit with the TTB. Once we file for this permit we will have about a 120 day wait to receive it.

I hope to be sharing good news about our financing by the end of the week.

I wish everyone a wonderful week, Shelly