Craft Distillery vs. Standard Distillery

Good morning, Did you know there are two different types of spirit distillery licenses in Washington State?  They are the Standard Distillery License and a Craft Distillery License.

The Craft Distillery License is limited to producing 60,000 gallons of spirits a year, their annual fee is $100 and they can offer free on-premises tastings.  One of the biggest drawbacks for a Craft Distillery is 51% of their raw material must be Washington State grown.  Another drawback is they can only sell up to 2 liters of their spirits from their tasting room.

The Standard Distillery license’s annual fee is $2,000, however there isn’t a limit on how many gallons they can produce or where the raw materials come from.  Other than the cost the only other disadvantage for a Standard Distillery is they can’t offer any tastings on premises.

Bad Dog Distillery will be a Craft Distillery.  One of the main reasons we chose to be a craft is we want a tasting room.  We want our community to visit and learn about our distilling process. We want to share some of the moonshine and our nation’s liquor history.  And we want to give you a free taste of a product that we are proud of.

One of the exciting things about this industry is its rebirth is fairly new.  Most of the people involved are very passionate and want to see some lingering prohibition laws changed.  One of the proposed changes is the Senate Bill #6226.  This bill proposes changes on some of the limitation of both types of distillery licenses.  The attached is a copy of the SENATE BILL REPORT SB 6226.SB 6226

I hope you enjoy this tidbit of information…