Patience, patience, patience

Patience…. My lifelong lesson.  Dave and I are patiently waiting to hear from the bank.  I had to call them on Monday because it had been over a week since we submitted our paperwork.  It’s a good thing I did because John said, “Well I’m waiting for paperwork from you.”  That paperwork he was waiting for had been sitting on his desk for a week.  He forgot.  John said he would get right to work on it and we will know something by Wednesday, which is today.

I thought I had the bond all finish.  Well actually the bond is finish, but in the wrong amount.  Last Thursday I received the bond in the mail and then Friday afternoon I came across a worksheet that said we needed the bond coverage amount to be a minimum of $15,000. Our bond is only $10,000.  When I started working on the bond all I could find is documentation saying it had to be at least 90 days worth of taxes that we would owe.  At this point I’m not sure if we can change the bond.  My awesome insurance gal is working on it for me.  However, yesterday I came across another statement on the TTB website that said if your bond is not in the minimal amount you must fill out this other paperwork.  So that leads me to believe the $15,000 is not a must.  We’ve heard the TTB paperwork can be a challenge.  I see why now.


Other things in the working…. Dave has lined up a boom truck to get the silo from Sumas.  He also has a number for a milk tank that’s in Sumas.  We filed for a tenant improvement permit to build our tasting room.  The city was extremely helpful and they are eager to see us open.  I’m working at filling out the TTB form for the plant permit.  There are a lot of questions that leaves a person guessing at what do they really want to know.  Such a “Describe each tract of land covered by the distilled spirits plant by using directions and distances.”  Oh the fun….

Have a wonderful week.  I hope to be giving you good news about our funding in the next blog.