Hidden Blessings

Many times things happen that people just blow off as a coincident. I always see these as something that’s meant be. Sometimes I try to analyze why but more often I accept them and thank the Lord for the small blessing. Last week Dave had his hernia surgery. While most of us see this as an unfortunate event, it turned out to be really good. Dave was forced to stop doing manual labor for while. During his down time has was able to really focus on his distillery projects. This week Dave met with the city of Arlington’s building official. The guy was very helpful and told Dave we shouldn’t run into any problems with the city. He was also very excited to have a distillery coming to Arlington.

Dave also finished the drawings of the plant and tasting room which is a requirement for the DSP Permit. He made several phone calls to gather resources for his still builds. Yesterday he made an appointment with the bank and got our lease agreement. So….. his hernia operation was a blessing in disguise. So much progress was made this week!!!